We’ve got big news here at Sola Appalachian Christian Retreat. On a beautiful autumn day this October 22nd, Priscilla and I got married. And so my one-man effort is now a one-man and one-woman effort. This is not to diminish the role of so many who have donated or contributed in various ways. We are excited to tell you about Priscilla and the skills she brings to our ministry.


Priscilla is a registered nurse and a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ. She has long had a passion for working in hospitality and looks forward to welcoming you to Sola.


We just completed a 16-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail, her first section hike. I can proudly report that she passed this test with flying colors. The 3,000 ft ascent up Big Bald was no problem for her and not once did she complain about bugs or dirt. I’ve found the right woman.


Since the last newsletter, I (and now Priscilla) have relocated to North Carolina, not far from the AT. Working for a small Presbyterian church here has provided me with a great location near the trail to continue research into founding Sola.


We appreciate your continued prayers and support for this ministry, and now for our marriage.


To God be the Glory.

Soli Deo Gloria,