On Saturday, April 28 2018, Banzai and Hot Drinks went out to Sams Gap to give drinks, food, and Bibles to Appalachian Trail hikers.

We met Little Horse, Trouble, Yote, Red Panda, Killjoy, Geico, Paw, Sport, Beer Run, Charlie, Chatterbox, Hey Hey, Lucky, Trek Make, Castaway, Fiity, Will, Cheers, Four Star, Gizmo, Brazil, Not My Truck, Rolling Avocado, Tim, Largo, Stairmaster, Han Solo, Mountain Goat, Still Sheila, Yelp, Fuego, Squeak, Nav, Dragon, Chill, Rock, Roll, Jazz, Jeans, and Slayer.

That’s 40 hikers and 1 dog!

They came from many places, including Hong Kong, Scotland, and Germany. We even met a German bicyclist who happened down the road unaware of the Appalachian Trail and the magic there.

We’re planning an overnight hike and camp on the Appalachian Trail, May 4th and 5th. If you are interested, please get in contact with us!

-Banzai and Hot Drinks