It has been a busy week upgrading our place for visitors. Well, we should back up a second . . . we had our first visitors! Last Saturday (and Sunday it turned out) we hosted Appalachian Trail hikers “One Speed” from England, “Uncle Gramps” from Maine, and “Homeschool” from South Carolina. We had a blast helping them out and were glad for them to stay over.

So, back to the renovations and upgrades. We’ve had so many projects going on that it is hard to keep track of it all. This week we’ve installed a new toilet, repainted the porch, bought a clothes-hanging rack for hiker town clothes (for them to borrow when doing laundry), installed a 220V cable line for our clothes dryer, received a donation of pillows (and sheets and towels), received a donation of coffee beans, cleaned the house, capped a well/cistern, mowed the lawn, cleaned the basement, acquired two chairs and two stools, mounted a peg board for tools, and have completed various other miscellaneous tasks.

We’ve been very encouraged by the financial gifts and donations of stuff that have recently come out way.

With all the work going on, one of the best things that could happen is that some volunteers want to come over and help out! We do have a few helping guests coming in the near future and so look forward to that.

We’re sorta “off the radar” currently as we continuing to renovate the house and not seek to officially be in any guides books. That will happen in time. We’ll see where the Lord leads us. We pray that he builds this ministry and guides us to work for His glory.