2024 Internship at Sola! (Maybe you should apply?)

General Description:Internship at a Christian hospitality ministry to hikers on the Appalachian Trail in rural New York (discoversola.com) closely involved with the small (30+ members) nearby Unionville Presbyterian Church (BPC). 10 week term, flexible timing but best...

Welcome to Sola, 2024!

Hello! We are the Douma Family - we are the faces behind Sola Appalachian Christian Retreat (Sola). Over the winter we have been praying and preparing for those we'll meet, host, and help in some way. This is our 6th season, which is hard to believe. We are ready...

Call for Coffee

Hello friends and supporters! This is a call for coffee! Please send us coffee for hikers! We have four ways of making coffee here: espresso, drip, french press, and pour over. So we are glad for anything from the cheapest grounds or the best whole beans! Last year we...

Interview with Neil

Banzai interviews Neil, captain of the Africa Mercy Ship, on his hike across New Jersey and his walk with the Lord. 

Interview with Spruce

Banzai interviews Spruce near the end of his multi-year thruhike, going strong despite family losses and injuries during his hike.