Confessing Our Hope Podcast

A nice mention of our work was made on the Greenville Seminary "Confessing Our Hope" podcast:

A New Roof and an Old Bell

On Saturday November 9th, 2019 I was on my garage roof hammering in a donated coffee-can-worth of "Big Nails" with my friend Eric Foust when at 4:04 PM we heard the bell chime from our beloved Unionville Presbyterian Church. The bell now chimes hourly, even through...

Is Your Burden Light?

Is Your Burden Light?

When you leave Sola and head back on the Appalachian Trail be sure to weigh your backpack for "Every man shall bear his own burden."

Sobo Season at Sola

This September we thought the hiker season was about passed. We figured we'd see a few southbound (sobo) hikers, but have been surprised at just how many hikers we've had over. Some have been Sobo's and others have been section hikers taking advantage of the continued...

Seeking Volunteers!

We're looking for volunteers to assist with our ministry on the Appalachian Trail in Unionville, NY. At this point our greatest need for preparing for hiker guests is renovations on the old house we have purchased. Other tasks include cooking and cleaning and in...