Video from Braids

One of our hiker guests at Sola has said kind things about us in her most recent Youtube video. Check it out, starting at 26:41

The First Speech at Sola

The First Speech at Sola

[This speech was given by Dean Walker of the Geneva Institute of Christian Thought on a visit to Sola on June 4, 2020]  God’s Speech and Human Knowledge  Thank you SOLA for the opportunity to speak tonight and share some thoughts about a topic that I think...

Got Umbrellas?

We're looking for donations of used umbrellas to be put in a basket for hikers to borrow when they are in town and it is raining. Do you have any to donate? Drop them off or send them our way! - Thanks, Banzai.

How Long Have You Gone Without a Shower?

How long have you gone without a shower? Two days? Three? Four!?! My personal record—and I'm oddly proud of this—is five days. It would be one thing to go without a shower in regular home and office life, but my five days were while vigorously hiking the Appalachian...