2018 Sola Trail Magic at Sams Gap

On Saturday, April 28 2018, Banzai and Hot Drinks went out to Sams Gap to give drinks, food, and Bibles to Appalachian Trail hikers. We met Little Horse, Trouble, Yote, Red Panda, Killjoy, Geico, Paw, Sport, Beer Run, Charlie, Chatterbox, Hey Hey, Lucky, Trek Make,...

Speaking at Churches!

This past Sunday, March 25th, we spoke about Sola at Reedy River Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC. It was great to meet the people there and the pastor, Dr. Roberts, who I had spoken with a number of times regarding theology but had not previously met. Last...


We got this neat "Hike-O-Meter" as a gift from Banzai's brother. They say the Appalachian Trail is 5 million steps. Someone want to count them for us with this device? -Banzai & Hot Drinks

Some Mail!

We (Banzai and Hot Drinks) received our first ever thru-hiker thank-you card! From Jaws who we helped out with some "trail magic" last year. Gotta love the trail community!!  

Come See Us in Michigan!

We'll be speaking about Sola-Appalachian Christian Retreat at Oakland Hills Community Church in Farmington Hills MI at their Sunday School hour on Sunday, November 26th at 9:45 A.M.

Sola Hiking Club!

Now introducing the Sola Hiking Club! Join us for our first hike on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail on November 11th! All who attend will receive a free Sola bandana! Message us for details on meeting place and time. (Update, we'll be meeting up for the hike at Dillingham...